Millions of people with HIV/Aids live full and rewarding lives

HIV/Aids management programme

We run a comprehensive and affordable HIV/Aids wellness and treatment programme for people leaving with HIV/Aids.

Under this programme, the following services are provided to our patients at affordable rates: HIV counselling and testing (HCT and VCT); voluntary counselling; HIV/Aids monitoring (CD4 cell count and viral load); wellness programme for patients who do not require HAART (antiretrovirals – ARVs).

Post-exposure prophylaxis

We also offer HCT and treatment for patients who have been exposed through unprotected sex, condom rupture or rape.

In such cases, the patient should take ARV treatment for 30 days (one month) in order to prevent infection. This is called post-exposure prophylaxis, or PEP.

Prevention of mother-to-child transmission

We specialise in the prevention of transmission of HIV from mother to child in pregnancy (PMTCT) through ARV therapy. This makes it possible for HIV-positive mothers to give birth to healthy babies who are not infected with HIV.

Safe conception for HIV-positive couples

It is now possible for HIV-positive couples to have babies through normal sexual intercourse and pregnancy without endangering the life of one or both partners. This is possible even if one of the partners is HIV negative.

If you are HIV positive and would like to fall pregnant or have a baby with your partner, please consult Michael Themba Nxumalo.

Affordable ARVs

Our generic range of ARVs is affordable. It includes a fixed-dose combination (FDC), also known as the one-pill combination (Atripla, Tribus, Atroiza or Odimune).


This programme is based at our branch at Rand Clinic. The programme is run by Dr Nxumalo, who has extensive training and experience in HIV/Aids management.


The success of the programme is made possible by partners, funders and stakeholders. These include USAids, Pepfar, Aurum Institute, Right to Care, LifeWorks, LifeSense Disease Management, Aid for Aids, Discovery Health, Bankmed, and various other medical aid schemes.


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