"Medicine heals doubts as well as diseases." – Karl Marx

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At your first consultation, the doctor will take a full medical history, including chronic medical conditions and medication, allergies and your presenting complaint, followed by a physical examination. The physical examination will typically include checking your blood pressure and blood sugar for diabetes.

The doctor will conclude by advising you on your current medical condition and the treatment, and also recommend further medical tests and/or reviews if necessary.


Our consultation fees are R350 for both adults and children between 7am and 7pm, and R400 after hours between 7pm and 7am. Consultation fees include essential medication.

X-rays and laboratory tests

X-rays, CT scans and other radiological investigations are done at an extra cost. Blood tests and other pathology investigations are also done at an extra cost. Please enquire about this from the doctor.

Paternity tests

A paternity test is a legally binding document. The mother of the child, alleged father and the child are required to come in for blood tests.

You are also required to bring the following:

  • Original identity document (ID) or passport of the mother and alleged father
  • Birth certificate or hospital letter of the child
  • Four recent passport- or ID-size colour photographs of the child

The paternity tests cost R1 600, excluding our consultation fees. If either the mother or alleged father is not willing to cooperate, you can approach the courts for an order forcing to force the blood tests to be done.

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