Antenatal check-ups


"There comes a time when a woman needs to stop thinking about her looks and focus her energies on raising her children. This time comes at the moment of conception." – Astrid Alauda

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A woman’s health and behaviour during pregnancy affect her baby. A poor diet, smoking, intake of alcohol and certain drugs, and severe illness can affect the baby’s development. Hence during pregnancy you should not only take good care of your own health, but also go for regular check-ups with your doctor.

Antenatal check-ups prevent most medical problems. And even if there is a problem, early detection helps control the problem better.

On your first visit, our doctor will take a detailed medical history and physical examination with specific laboratory tests and an ultrasound scan or sonar.


Recommended tests include blood-group and antibody screening for rhesus (Rh) factor; full blood examination to rule out anaemia and iron deficiency; rubella (German measles); syphilis; midstream urine test for urinary-tract infections; HIV; hepatitis B and C; and cervical cytology if there has not been a recent Pap smear.

The above is a list of recommended tests for women without specific additional risk factors. Other antenatal tests may be discussed during your visit.

Monthly check-ups

On your subsequent monthly visits, the doctor will continue to monitor your weight, blood pressure, midstream urine and also do an ultrasound scan. The cost of medication is included in the antenatal check-up fee. Blood tests and other pathology investigations are done at an extra cost. Please enquire from the doctor.

Antenatal visits card

On each visit, our doctors will complete the antenatal card provided by our practice. You can use this card to book for delivery at any public hospital or clinic.


In your seventh month of pregnancy, the doctor will assist you choose a suitable hospital for the delivery of your baby. The doctor will then give you a referral letter and copies of results for all tests done.

Early referral

If you have a risky or complicated pregnancy, we will refer you to hospital earlier so that you can receive specialist care timeously – for example, diabetes in pregnancy, hypertension and twin pregnancy.

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